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We offer both wood and metal ornamental fencing as well as custom built gates. A new fence around your property can really add a beautiful touch to your home. There are lots of reasons you may be looking at adding a new fence. Maybe it’s for security or just to keep the dogs in!   Maybe it’s for a little more privacy for your own comfort. Or maybe it’s to finish off the backyard oasis you have been working on! Whatever the reason you need the new fence you can trust us to build it in no time! Using only the best quality wood our fences are built to handle all of Ontario's harsh summer and winter climates. Get the piece of mind knowing that our level of service will be added to your home’s value.  If you’re interested in a new fence the steps are easy.  You get in touch with us first. We measure your property where you new fence would be going to get a total lineal footage. Then we find out what style of fence you would like built. All fencing styles are priced per lineal foot so at that point we would provide you an estimate. Once the job is confirmed we order all of the locates for your property. Once those come in we are ready to dig and build!

We are very transparent with all of our clients. We know a homeowner generally gets a few quotes. We encourage this!  But when you’re comparing prices, it can be tricky if you don’t necessarily know what it is you’re looking for. So I have included a few key questions for you. Make sure you ask your potential fence contractor these very important questions we have provided. This will make your decisions regarding whom you choose a lot more stress free.

  1. Does the company you hire actually do the work?  Unfortunately we see this a lot and it’s never right.  You think you hired one company but really they have flipped the job to someone at a cheaper price and they just take their cut and move on. This is done without you, the client, even realizing or being told. This can be a large issue if something happens on the build or with a warranty issue down the road
  1. When they dig do they actually dig 4 ft. down to make sure they get below the frost line?  This is very important to ensure there is no lifting or shifting in the posts. If this happens the fence is not built properly and can have serious negative results
  1. Is dirt removal from the holes included in your estimate?  This is often something that is overlooked and not considered. It is also very common practice for you to get hit with a surprise dirt removal fee added to your bill at the end of the job.  Or you get left with piles of dirt all over your property and you then have to clean and dispose of it yourself.  Both options are bad and again something we see everyday
  1. Is the framing of your fence screwed down and NOT just nailed?  Unfortunately lots of builders build fences as quickly as possible and secure all the framing with a nail gun. This is not the way it should be done as the nailer often leaves the nails protruding slightly. It’s hard to control the accuracy and they often blow out (or crack) part of the wood. The framing should be securely and accurately screwed down. It is ok to use galvanized nails to secure the actual fence boards but not your framing!
  1. Do they get all the required locates done before digging? Digging without knowing the approximate location of underground utilities can result in damage to gas, electric, communications, water and sewer lines, which can lead to service disruptions and serious injuries.
  1. Do you have a warranty that you are happy with?
  1. Is the business insured and are they WSIB complaint?

Regardless if you decide to choose us or not for your project, I hope these simple questions helped you in finding the contractor for you and made the experience stress free!  But if you do choose us you can rest assured you are getting top-notch work from a company you can trust!   

 “We cut wood, not corners”

If you're interested in any scope of fencing job simply give us a call and we can come visit your home so we can accurately quote the job. 

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Amazing Job

I originally hired another contracter (not CHASE) to tear down an old fence and put a new one up between my property and the neighbours. The other guy showed up and ripped down my fence and asked me to e-transfer 50% of the budget to buy the materials. That contractor was never heard from again. I was so upset I was a wreck. After 10 days with no fence up, I realized I had to still get the job done and so I spoke to a few other companies.
Right away, Chase was different. He felt sorry for me and told me that not all contractors were like that and he would do everything he could to help me out. I can’t say enough good things about this company and the kindness that he showed me. Even-though they had other bookings, Chase took the job and FIT ME IN RIGHT AWAY, since not having a fence was an issue for my neighbour and her dog. Chase came a day earlier than planned and he and his crew did an amazing job. Not only that, he reduced the total cost, because I originally made a mistake and overestimated the length of my fence line. After being screwed over by the other company, it was so refreshing to have such an honest and professional company to deal with. Chase and his employees literally took a terrible experience and made it a great one. I am hiring him to do more work, which he will come back to do after which he will come back to do after his other commitments. I believe in karma, and I know that bad things will happen to the guy who stole from me, just as i know amazing things will happen to Chase for stepping up and going above and beyond. If you are not sure if you want this company to do a job for you, trust me, you won't find a more professional and talented company that charges exactly for what the job should be.
. Thanks again from one happy customer

Sandra & Ian French

Chase and his crew were amazing. The fence and deck he built for us were beautiful. All the small details and finishing touches really blew us away and made the project look even better than we ever imagined. Chase was a pleasure to deal with. We had lots of questions and some design changes along the way and Chase always had time for everything we brought up. You could tell he really cares. Highly recommend! We will never use any other contractor

Brad & Tammi

We had a fantastic experience with our main floor kitchen and washroom renovation and highly recommend this company. The job was done on time and budget and is simply gorgeous. They were very attentive to detail and made sure we were satisfied with the job. The worksite was always closed off and cleaned up everyday. very well when done. Our family was still in the house during the renovation so we appreciated that. Thanks for a great job!


We had Chase Contracting do a small bathroom renovation at our home. Very professional team and do quality work! I highly recommend their work.

Brandon Crate

Chase and his team built a massive fence for me and my wife at our home in Georgina and the result was beyond my expectations. They did a fantastic job and went above and beyond. I would recommend them to anyone looking for fence work or house or office renovations. A++